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Toggle Traffic Lights

Author: Craxy

Tool to remove or add traffic lights at intersection. Traffic lights can be added and removed at any kind of road intersection including highways and their off- and on-ramps.

In game the tool can be activate via Ctrl+T. When you hover over an intersection a ToolTip will show the current Traffic Light status (has traffic light or not). Via a left mouse click you can toggle between traffic lights and no traffic lights. To disable this tool simply select another tool.

Note: It’s currently not recommended to use this tool in the editors! I haven’t tested it inside the editors — it might have an unwanted effect. So best disable the mod while creating an asset or a map.

Note: The existence of traffic lights will be added to new savegames (the savegame size increases by a couple of kB (~33kB) — I think that’s negligible). The savegame can be loaded without the mod enabled but in this case the traffic lights will be reset to it’s original statuses.

A (slightly) more detailed description and current issues can be found on GitHub:

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  • Rayden

    Link to Steam Workshop not working.

    • Arazmus

      Whoops. Link is sorted! Sorry about that.