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Text Scale Mod

Author: alex3305

Adds an option for Text Scaling in the game. So you can dynamically adjust the text scale you want to use.

The option is added in the Options menu that is reachable from the Main Menu (not the one ingame). Also you will have to restart your game before you can see the option, since it is loaded on startup.

Since it only scales the text, and not the sprites beneath, it is possible that not all the text fit in their boxes anymore. This is a small issue, but probably having 10% larger text size will increase the playability by a lot for a couple of users.

Source: — Issues and pull requests will be appriciated!

* This mod is loaded on going in game, thus in a simulation. The main menu is NOT scaled!
* You MUST enable the mod in the Content Manager for it to take effect. The text scaling option will ‘always’ be there.
* The mod is only enabled in the Main Menu Options, not ingame.

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