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Some Roads

Author: some danny

This mod adds

Some Roads

to the game for you to play with.

The components included in this mod are generally re-skins and re-colors of existing roads in the game. Nothing fancy yet that would require 3D art skills which I don’t have.

This mod does not modify any built-in objects or classes and should generally be compatible with other mods, but mods that modify built-in roads might cause problems.

Right now this is all a bit experimental, some details don’t just fit yet and it’s generally more a collection of things I wanted to figure out how to do than things people actually want. I plan to add more stuff if turns out what I’m doing here is reliable enough 🙂 Feedback is welcome.

Warning: Saves that use this mod will not load without it!


– A darker version of the normal road that’s otherwise the same as the built-in one
– A low speed residential play street in pretty pink and with flower pots on the sidewalks
– A two-lane highway for when you can’t really afford the normal one but still want to see cars go fast
– A rural road without sidewalks for connecting those remote farming villages to something less remote
– Small and large planning roads that are free but don’t do anything until you upgrade them to real roads


– A railroad track with pavement instead of the normal gravel


– A dike for those times when building a hydroelectric power plant seems like overkill

Known Issues:

– Some props aren’t quite right yet, e.g. some of these roads are using the wrong speed limit signs
– Planning roads are still missing elevated and bridge versions, so you can’t plan those
– Connections between roads with different textures can look a bit odd (which is probably why the built-in roads are all pretty similar :P)
– There are no preview images in the tooltips
– Some LOD transitions are suboptimal
– In a new game, roads requiring the basic two-lane road to be built before they unlock will say they require the play street instead. This is a lie, the normal road works too

Source Code:

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