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Services Optimization Module (SOM)

Author: Soda

Clarification: While the drivers prefer to stay close to home (as in real life), they will go as far as necessary to put food on the table. Currently, the drivers’ preference is about half the length and width of a tile, with discretion to extend another quarter of each. However, if there’s nothing going on within this area, the drivers will venture out to collect trash, dead people, etc. So yes, if you feel like it, you can have all the services many tiles away from the populated areas. However, do keep in mind that it takes time to go back and forth. SOM doesn’t give vehicles teleportation abilities 🙂

Tired of your hearses and garbage trucks taking leisure rides around town and not doing their job? This mod will reign them back in!

The Services Optimization Module (SOM) adjusts the AI behind service buildings and vehicles to make them more intelligent and more intuitive. SOM simulates human decision making process… and limitations.

What you will notice:
– Hearses are MUCH MORE effective! They pick up corpses similarly to how a real driver would AND at a range a real dispatcher would send them. On the other hand, the drivers are not robots: if they are told not to assist a certain building that’s right on their way, they MIGHT pick up the corpses from that building anyway. Also, if your city is overflooding with corpses, the drivers might get distracted when carrying out the dispatchers’ orders.
– Garbage trucks are actively seeking out target areas BEFORE they become a problem, like in real life. These guys are dedicated: they will do everything they can to clean up your streets. But that doesn’t mean you can be reckless when placing garbage facilities. Be reasonable with your facility placements, and the drivers and dispatchers will do the rest. Be reckless about it, you might just find your drivers take off on joy rides in protest.
– As long as there’s a problem, the related service does not allow their employees to sit idle. For example, if your city is being overrun by trash, landfills will keep on sending out garbage trucks until either the problem is addressed or they don’t have any more trucks to send.
– There’s nothing better than home! All service vehicles like to stay close to home. While a vehicle might venture farther out because of driver discretion, it won’t happen often. If you want to move all your cemeteries far outside of your posh city, you should expect your drivers to ignore your wishes sometimes.

What SOM does NOT do:
– SOM is not a replacement for intelligent city planning. If you have traffic jams everywhere, the service vehicles will also be stuck in traffic.
– SOM does not turn services into omnipresent beings. In other words, if it is unlikely for a hearse driver to know a particular building needs help in real life, the SOM driver also won’t know.
– SOM does not create perfect operators nor perfect communication between the dispatchers and the drivers. Plan your city in a way to minimize “human error” or be ready to have your city covered in corpses and garbage.

Future development:
– Clean up the code for uploading to Github.
– Look for ways to increase mod efficiency, or better tune it.
– Address an issue where one driver might zone out and simply chooses to follow the service vehicle in front of him for a few blocks. This doesn’t happen often, but everyone can zone out once in awhile, and SOM drivers are no exception 🙂
– Bugs. Hopefully, there won’t be any. But I’m sure there will be.?

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