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Recommended Cities Skylines Mods List Updated

Posted on 12 Mar 2015 by Arazmus.
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cities skylines first person view 2

I’ve been busy moving stuff around on the site today and have updated our Recommended Cities Skylines Mods list with new additions that have appeared since the game launched. I have personally tested all the mods in our list to make sure they function as intended by the mod authors.

There are some great additions today that will make your city building experience even more enjoyable. These include:

Our pick of the day is Automatic Bulldoze which saves your fingers from all the clicking action. Just get the abandoned and burned out buildings in view and they vanish.

There are quite a few mods now appearing in the Workshop but not all are completely functional so I’m testing everything and expanding on the description if needed. I’ll be updating the Recommended Cities Skylines Mods list as new community creations appear.

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