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Realistic Power Modification (RPM mod)

Author: condac

So you have played the game… did you notice how easy it was to get cheap green power? The reality is not the same. No solar or wind plant in the world can produce that much power. So I made this mod to get a bit more realism in how much area green power need and how little these kind of plants actually produce. And better real life difference between power types.

Wind turbine, 2MW lower upkeep cost
Coal 200MW Double pollution
Oil 250MW
Solar 55MW
Nuclear 750MW
Advanced Wind 10MW lower upkeep cost

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  • Rasmus Damgaard Nielsen

    Actually new windmills produce 8 MW. Try to look it up…

    • The Janitor

      Indeed! But they are far, far larger than the ones we have in this game. And they’re way too cheap.

    • Tregon

      Only nominally. Actual outputs are commonly 20-30% of nominal output due to wind variance.

  • CodeKiller

    A nuke plant can go to 1500 MW, average is 800-900 in real world.
    The other changes are very good for the start of the game ! 🙂
    Thanks !