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Author: MazK

Enable additional post processing effects. The default toggle key is F9 now, it can be changed in the config ui and it also allows for modifiers.

Bloom and lensflare

Fully customizable in the ingame UI.

Anti Aliasing

Not as effective as the DynamicResolution mod by nlight, but cheaper and can be combined if desired.

Motion Blur

Supports CameraMotion, LocalBlur, Reconstruction, ReconstructionDX11 and ReconstructionDisk.

Additional Information

All effects can be disabled to not have any performance impact. Ingame UI is provided to change
and tweak the options and can be toggled with F11.

Recommended and Compactible Mods

SSAO by Ulysius.
Sun Shafts by Ulysius.
Dynamic Resolution by nlight.

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