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Author: some danny


– Adds toggle button for pillars under elevated railroad tracks.
– Build free-floating railroad tracks in game.
– Build railroad tracks in the asset editor.

The toggle button shows up in the bottom left corner. Click it to equip the railroad track tool. Click it again to switch all newly laid elevated railroad tracks to free-floating tracks. Click it again to switch back to normal.


Floating tracks in assets revert to normal elevated tracks when you use the asset in game. This means you can’t make assets with free-floating railroad tracks, because the pillars will grow back once the asset is used in game.

You can use this to make assets with elevated railroad tracks on top of normal roads. The space between the pillars is just enough for cars to fit through on a basic two-lane road.

And no, you can’t make elevated train stations either. Unfortunately they use a special track type that doesn’t support elevation to mark the spot where the train should stop.


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