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MMC – MultiMonitor Cities

Author: Nucloid

MultiMonitor Cities is a simple mod that forces Cities Skylines to work with Nvidia Surround and ATi EyeFinity setups. Game won’t recognize large resolutions normally. This mod won’t be around forever though. Developers will most likely correct the resolution listing issue and this mod will be useless.

Usage Warning:

This mod requires a high end system. The game will be stretched out to high resolutions. Expectlong loading times, low FPS, general fps drops. This mod only changes resolution at map load. This is a very light weight mod.


Source Code:

Workshop Link:

Using MMC:

1) Make sure Eyefinity or Surround is activated.
2) Sub to mod
3) Start game and load map.
4) Alt tab out and go to *SteamsteamappscommonCities_Skylines*
5) use notepad++ or any xml reader to open “MMCConfig”.
6) Change height & resolution to match your full surround resolution (Mine is 4800×900). Save sure to save file (control + s)
7) Alt-Tab back into game and reload the map you’re on.
8) Resolution will be forced to your settings.



* UI scaling
* Mouse scrolling changes (for some reason game thinks its’ still stuck on one screen while moving cursor over to other monitors)
* FOV Adjustment (live slider either in options panel or somewhere on screen.
* Edge perspective adjustments. This is rather difficult to correctly fix. Most games have this issue in surround. Only true fix is to increase FOV but then makes the center screen look fish eyed.


v1 – First push. Forces monitor to change resolution when loading map and resets the resolution back to original set size.

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