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Mars’ Utopia Planitia – Gold Version

Author: StarMinstrel

Map: Shores of Utopia Planitia

Utopia Planitia, the region where the Viking 2 lander touched down back in 1976 is the largest known impact basin in the solar system.

And now you have a chance to colonize this little region. Mars is taking greener colors, and only you can help develop its landscape.

Based on this particular region.

— FOR ADDITIONAL ATMOSPHERE — Get the True Mars Color correction from the Mars Project Collection here:

Playing tip : Planting trees creates the Forestry renewable resource if in sufficient concentration. Get to terraforming 😉


– New Starting location! You now start by the lake shore.

– Reworked resources map. Now all regions have resources to exploit. Mostly ores thanks to the fallen meteors. Rumors abound by biologists of bacterial deposits somewhere in the region?

– Currents! No more stale water for differing lake heights.

– Pine trees! More varieties to the forest areas.

– More greenery around watered spots.

– Flattened a lot of the playable areas (while keeping the plateaus) to make it less cumbersome to build through.

– Railway is now a bit farther because of the new starting location to reward expansion.


More thematic buildings to come on the Mars Project collection.

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