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London Eye

Author: CyanMonkey

The London Eye, made by myself from scratch. Part of my ‘London Themed Buildings’.

Perfect for those who want cities to look like London. 🙂

Found in ‘Unique Buildings VI’ tab and functions as a large tourist area. Its 12×12, roughly the correct size I’d say. Because it is a unique building, only one in the entire map can be built. Costs 250,000 to build, And ~800 as upkeep (I think..). It also produces a bit of trash.

When zooming very far out the calculated LOD (Level of detail) isn’t very good, so the building looks pretty glitchy. There’s also a red tint on some parts. I think some of the texture has overlapped or something, but it only does this ingame and not in my modelling software – So I blame the game. 😛

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