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London 2.0

Author: simonmd

Done about 30% oversize so it works better in the game but otherwise accurate (a true 1to 1 scale would only cover Westminster to Tower Bridge), height data imported so the Thames and the River Lea running down from the North are as they should be.

Features flowing rivers out to the sea in the east, working ship connection and realistic road and rail entry points with some basic highways put into the centre to help you get started.

Has forestry on the outskirts of the map as well as oil and ore in East London, where the cities major industry used to be.

This map has now been extensively tested over several hours and has had a lot of changes made from the previous one.

Changes made for V 2.0

Totally reworked river and water system. The river beds now gently raise up to their water spawn points, ensuring that the river’s source is above most potential dam sites, so flow keeps going when hydro is used.

River bank levels totally reworked to accommodate various levels of flow, from normal to higher water with hydro dams while trying to be as low as possible so the Themes doesn’t look like a canyon!

Potential shipping connection made better my lowering banksides at the east end of the river to give more placement options for cargo and passenger harbours.

Isle of Dogs docks reworked to be smaller due to previous comments they were too large.

Totally re worked external road and rail connections, giving many more options and making most of a ring-road similar to London’s North and South Circular roads. Unfortunately, as of game version 1.06, we don’t have tunnels in the game so not possible to make a full loop as the Eastern end would require a bridge that would block the shipping access. The Blackwall crossing mentioned below should be a tunnel but I’ve had to use bridges for this reason.

‘Blackwall interchange’ totally rebuilt with a much more efficient flyover system instead of the previous roundabout.

Also used two Steam user’s junctions in the layout,

‘Roundabout Highway Bridge’ by Samkowitsch and

‘Prins Clausplen’ (4 way stack interchange) by makemakey

Great designs, THANKS guys! (you DO NOT need to download these separately for this map to work as they use default components)

V 1.5 Improved ‘Blackwall Interchange’ (to the right of the starting square, next to a bridge where the Blackwall Tunnel should be in real life). Also raised land height in the north around the source of the River Lea to better allow potential future hydro schemes without flooding.

Added second picture to show the actual grid in relation to a streetplan of London so those of you not familiar with it, so you can get your bearings.

Feel free to alter and share, just don’t claim it as your own work.

created with care by someone who grew up in this great city, enjoy!

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