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Lane Changer: No left/right turn

Author: crispy
Lane control for Cities: Skylines – Early Beta

Take control of your intersections:

  • No left turn for 3- and 4-way intersections.
  • No right turn for 4-way intersections.

How to use:

  • Click on “Lanes” button at top left.
  • Click on a road segment, and a pop-up will appear with buttons to toggle Left, Forward, and Right for each lane.
  • Two rows of buttons will appear, one for each end of the road segment.
  • Existing traffic that is on the road and has worked out its path, will not be effected by the changes, so it will take a few minutes (or more in a big city) for lane changes to take effect.


  • This mod will conflict with other mods that modify the stock pathfinder (i.e. toggle traffic lights). Mods that modify only vehicle AI should be fine.
  • There will definitely be a performance hit running this mod, especially in its current not-quite-beta state.
  • Shouldn’t change anything that would make it impossible to load a save without it, but no guarantees. Back up your save files and proceed with caution.

What works:

  • Editing lane flags to select Left/Right/Forward. This updates the graphics.
  • Setting No-Left turn on any 3- or 4- way intersection
  • Setting No-Right turn on any 4-way intersection
  • No-Right in a 3-way will work in some situations, but generally Right and Forward are treated the same way at 3-way intersections
  • Any unsupported situations are handled by the stock code

What doesn’t work:

  • Button placement conflicts with traffic query tool. Will be fixed soon.
  • Any intersections larger than 4-way will display stock behaviour, regardless of what you set the lanes to in the UI
  • Highways aren’t supported right now, you can change the arrows, but cars will ignore them.
  • Cars coming from a one-way street onto a two-way street with a no left turn use odd lanes, sometimes turning off the one-way in inappropriate lanes
  • Possible issue with lane markers not drawing on initial load of map. This has happened a couple of times in testing, but I have not been able to reproduce consistently.
  • A segment will have its lanes reset to default if you upgrade it, or build or upgrade any road segments that are attached to it.
  • There may be an issue with some maps not being able to find outside connections, resulting in a significant drop in the amount of traffic spawning. This is being investigated.


  • Fix fugly UI
  • Add no-right turn support in general case
  • Add appropriate props (no turn signs, etc)
  • Support larger intersections (5-way+)
  • For later on: Further intersection enhancements: light controls, service vehicle lanes, etc.


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