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Extended Public Transport UI

Author: cidF!re
Extended Public Transport UI 1.0

Extends the Public Transport UI with additional list views and toggles for Bus, Metro and Train. Nicely integrates with the native UI. Just press the Bus, Metro or Train panel in the Public Transport Info Panel to bring up the extended UI.


  • Toggle visibility of all lines with one click
  • Toggle visibility of individual public transport lines
  • Automatically hides transport lines of all other types
  • Hover over line name to highlight


  • Too long line names don’t fit
  • List might grow too big
  • Colorpicker doesn’t work
  • And more…


Interface heavily inspired by Mockup from reddit User jb2386:
ModTools – invaluable tool for devs:

Pullrequests welcome!
If somebody knows how to get the UIColorPicker and/or UIScrollablePanel working, please shoot me a message.

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  • steam_user_2c7c1a5eae4a03f2281

    it seems the .dll file is missing

  • Bloublou

    Is there any load to download on another site then Steam?