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Dynamic Resolution – Improved Antialiasing

Author: nlight

Not happy with the antialiasing in Cities: Skylines? This mod by nlight should help with the ability to upscale/downscale from any resolution. He explains how this works.

This mod enables rendering to a higher (or lower) internal resolution than the native resolution of the game. The benefits of this are different depending on your GPU.

For users with powerful GPUs, dynamic resolution allows downscaling from up to 5 times your native resolution. This antialiasing method called supersampling (or SSAA) while very computationally expensive gives the best results and the sharpest quality image of any AA method.

For users with old GPUs, this mod will help you run the game at a stable FPS without sacrificing UI fidelity by switching to a lower native resolution.

How to:

While in-game press F10 to open the mod configuration window. The configuration itself is really simple, you just have to choose a scaling value by adjusting the slider (from 25% to 250% your native resolution) and clicking Apply. Quality SSAA downsampling occurs at values > 100%.

Users with very powerful GPUs should be able to run at a stable FPS at internal resolutions of 4K and above (slider values 200%-250%).

Users with less-powerful GPUs should look at using a value around 150%. Users with very old GPUs can try upscaling by setting the slider below 100%.

_ Note: This mod disables the default anti-aliasing method provided by the game. The antialiasing option in the game’s settings will do nothing while this mod is enabled. You may experience stutter for a few seconds after changing the rendering resolution. _

Also note that the current YouTube video is of an old proof of concept and doesn’t represent the latest version of the mod.

Full source –

Compatible with:
* First person camera –
* HideUI –
* SurelyCam –

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