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City Vitals Watch

Adds a panel to display vital city stats at a glance. Updates in real time.

The previous updates were not working due to an error, but now the update has been published correctly!


– The panel layout now functions at resolutions other than 1080p! Let me know if you have any other layout issues.

– Please note that it doesn’t look good at the lowest resolutions; I don’t think there’s anything I do there, but I’ll continue exploring options if there’s demand.

– The panel is now transparent when not hovered!

– Added tooltips to the meters to display actual values.

– Added death care stats!


– A minimize/maximize button to hide the panel when not needed

– Panel configuration options
Comments? Requests?

Should I add more stats to the panel? What would you like to see?

Please like if it’s useful to you!

Source Code

It’s on GitHub:

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