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CitizenTracker lets you follow the lives of your favourite citizens!

When you click on a citizen, a new button allows you to follow them. The favourites button in the top right then brings up a list of all the citizens you’re following. You can click on their names to find them quickly, check out their home or workplace, or just see what they’re doing with their day. Followed citizens are carried across savegames, and when they die or leave town, you can choose whether or not to unfollow them.

This is the first build. I intend to improve the user interface, and provide additional information such as the real age of the citizens. If possible, I will also expand the scope to allow you to follow other entities such as tourists and animals. Further, I hope to add icons hovering above those citizens you’ve chosen to follow.

This mod wouldn’t have been possible without the help of many people in #skylines-modders Special thanks go to Duddle for actively testing out code to solve my problems and nlight for his indispensible ModTools.

The code is available at – please report any issues you have.

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