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Cities: Skylines Mod Watch – Daybreak Mod lights in buildings and Copter mods

Posted on 22 Mar 2015 by Arazmus.
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I’ll bring a couple of mods that are currently being worked on to your attention today. First up is the Daybreak mod and in this video nlight, who has already created some great mods, demonstrates buildings with lights. It looks really good so far and this video also shows the mod with the Ambient Occlusion and Sun Shafts mods added for some extra effects.

The second video is quite fun as Nisquity shows off a SimCopter style mod for Cities: Skylines. This is really early days and can be considered experimental but it’s a start. It’s a nice idea though to be able to fly around chopper style in the city you’ve just created. Perhaps you could become an emergency response chopper or something similar to tackle city problems which would almost make it a game inside the game.

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