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Boulder Rapids v2

Author: Scotland Tom

Due to some feedback on the first version waterways have been altered to be more suited for dam building.


– Variety of terrain including beaches, fast flowing rivers, rolling hills, and mountains.
– All transport connections, from highways to ships are available for use.
– NOTE: Reports are that sometimes the game reports no ship connection on coastal tiles even when there is.
– All resources have been scattered about the map.
– Limited wind power on the starting tile to make a starting with wind a bit less powerful.
– Now with better dam support!

A note about dam placement:
It is possible in some spots to place a dam high enough that it exceeds the height of the water source at the edge of the map. Some fairly big dams are possible, but if your reservoirs aren’t filling up that might be the reason. Also, dams placed in the lower, wider portions of the rivers likely won’t work. There are water sources toward the river mouths that keep the water flowing properly through the flatter areas that will prevent dams from functioning.

Related Workshop Items

Double-Paperclip Interchange – This is the four-way highway interchange I used as the connection to the starting tile on this map.
Clear and Bright – A Color Correction LUT developed to make this map look pretty during gameplay. Also a good look for general gameplay.

I hope you all enjoy this updated version. As always I enjoy feedback, so let me know what you think!

Some Post-Release Thoughts
I’ve had a hard time believing the numbers I’ve seen for this map over the past week. Twenty-seven thousand plus people are currently subscribed to Boulder Rapids. That is a friggin’ boatload of people! I put this up on the workshop because I enjoyed creating it and I thought it turned out well. Doctored up some screenshots for presentation’s sake and shared it… and look what has happened! Honestly, guys, the fact that you like this map so much – that so many have supported it – is just mind-boggling to me. For all your support I say thank you. You all are truly awesome.

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