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Bordercities 2: Visual Overhaul Mod

Author: Hingo

Overhauls the visual style of C:S with ‘edge detection’ ala Borderlands and XIII.

Upon activating the mod, load or begin a new game.

1) Once the game has loaded, press [Backslash] to activate the settings menu.
2) Activate ‘Edge Detection’ and/or ‘Bloom’ to get your desired effects.
NOTE: Bloom requires a very powerful computer to run and is there as “icing on the cake.”
3) Fiddle around with the sliders until you’ve achieved a look you’re happy with.
4) Press the ‘Save Settings’ button to lock in your settings.
5) Enjoy!

NOTE: Bordercities 1 had suffered from terribly slow performance on account of memory leaks. Bordercities 2 is 100% leak-free, maintaining performance for extremely long periods of time.

Source code:

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