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Author: brittany

– Fixed failure to add LoadGame++ button to main menu screen.

Load Game++ adds a better (IMHO) panel to select save games to load.

It adds a button to the main menu (and to the pause menu in game), but doesn’t replace the existing one.

It doesn’t read, write or otherwise touch actual save games, but uses the internal APIs to call the same loading functions that the main game uses.

– sortable (ascending and descending) columns for Save Name, City Name, and Timestamp. Click the little up and down arrow adornments to the right of the column headers to sort.
– scroll long lists with mousewheel or arrow keys
– double click, enter, or Load button to launch selected game
– Escape or Cancel button to close window
– uses builtin locale support as much as possible to be internationalized

Known issues:
– it is resolution aware, but it may be a little off until you exit and restart game
– in game (via Pause menu) is a little glitchy (due to the modal nature of the pause menu)
– the LoadGame++ button on the Pause menu doesn’t expand to fill the width available

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