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Cities: Skylines Developer Diary 6 Looks at the Map Editor

Posted on 10 Dec 2014 by Arazmus.
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Cities Skylines Map Editor

A great update from the Colossal Order team this week with the release of Developer Diary #6. In this latest instalment it’s time to take a look at the map editor, a super important feature for the game and community.

The update walks through the process of creating a new map with a few tips to get the best results when creating. Topics covered include terrain editing, heighmaps, water, infoviews, resources, and of course outside connections so your city can reach the rest of the world.

Once a map is created, players can snap a preview image of the map, click a Publish Map box, and then it appears in the playable maps section when kicking off a new game. It all sounds rather simple but it;s never easy creating am interesting and playable map without paying attention to all the details.

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