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IncGamers on Cities: Skylines and how it caters for city building fans

Posted on 22 Aug 2014 by Arazmus.
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cities-skylines-1024x573The guys at IncGamers have written a lengthy article on Cities: Skylines called “Cities: Skylines aims to be a proper city builder, not just “kick SimCity in the balls” following the recent AMA. The article looks at the game’s features and how Cities: Skylines is targeting disgruntled city builder fans following the disappointment of SimCity while highlighting all the great features we can expect from Colossal Order.

Modding provided a third branch of discussion with which to beat SimCity (a game which implemented far too little modding, far too late.) The developers had quite a few things to say on that matter. Broadly speaking, mod capabilities were summarised as “map editor, asset importer, allow changes in the gameplay” and it was confirmed that custom 3D models could be created “with specially designed tools.” Apparently, if players are able to save their creations as FBX format they’ll already be good to go. Steam Workshop was mentioned as a method of sharing various mods and constructions.

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